Inner City Front (Deluxe Edition)

True North is proud to announce the continuation of the Bruce Cockburn Deluxe Edition reissue campaign:

  • rare and previously unreleased bonus tracks

  • original vinyl album artwork

  • 24 bit / 96 kHz digital remastering

  • new liner notes written by respected Canadian journalist and author of Before The Goldrush Nick Jennings

  • additional bonus photos

  • special O–Card sleeve packaging

For Bruce Cockburn, the months leading up to the 1981 release of Inner City Front had been fraught with change: his marriage of 10 years dissolved, leading him to switch from country to city life.

Taking an apartment in downtown Toronto, he assenbled a band of crack musicians and adopted a more rugged, urban sound. Gone were most traces of the Gentle Folkie of the late 1960's and even the Mystic Christian of the 70's. In their place was Bruce Cockburn of the 80's — highly politicized and sporting an electric guitar.

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