Big Circumstance (Deluxe Edition)

True North is proud to announce the continuation of the Bruce Cockburn Deluxe Edition reissue campaign:

  • rare and previously unreleased bonus tracks

  • original vinyl album artwork

  • 24 bit / 96 kHz digital remastering

  • new liner notes written by respected Canadian journalist and author of Before The Goldrush Nick Jennings

  • additional bonus photos

  • special O–Card sleeve packaging

The result of tree years of global traveling, 1989's Big Circumstance reflects Bruce Cockburn's heartfelt reaction to war, repression and environmental abuse.

On this album Cockburn fires off some of the most politically potent material of his career, including "If A Tree Falls," which tackled the issue of the rain forest destruction.

This remastered version of Big Circumstance features a bonus track, an acoustic version of "If A Tree Falls." Sharpened rather than dulled by the passage of time, Big Circumstance remains a powerful testament to one man's social conscience and artistic vision.

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