In The Falling Dark

True North is proud to announce the continuation of the Bruce Cockburn Deluxe Edition reissue campaign:

  • rare and previously unreleased bonus tracks

  • original vinyl album artwork

  • 24 bit / 96 kHz digital remastering

  • new liner notes written by respected Canadian journalist and author of Before The Goldrush Nick Jennings

  • additional bonus photos

  • special O–Card sleeve packaging

Originally released in 1976, In The Falling Dark was the first of a trilogy of recordings that bridged Bruce Cockburn's acoustic work of the early 70's with his electric period a decade later.

It's a landmark album, one that announced Cockburn's arrival as an important songwriter. But it's also a generative recording planting the creative seeds that came to fruition fully on the subsequent studio albums Further Adventures Of and Dancing In The Dragon's Jaws.

With its compelling songs and majestic sweep In The Falling Dark is a perfect place to discover the impressive range of Bruce Cockburn's artistry.

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