Gift Horse

As Barney puts it, "Gift Horse was made over the course of the last two years. Most of the project was done in Vancouver with my band–mate Johnny Ellis producing.

"Nothing will ever replace the relationship I had over the years with my band The Legendary Hearts ... the music we made, the friendship and the memories are a big part of me. They have all gone on to be successful in their work and we still perform live together. But with all due respect, I felt that it was important after a lengthy break to record this collection of songs with other musicians — an environment without a complex history.

"The rest of the CD was recorded in Toronto with Blue Rodeo at their studio The Woodshed with my good friend Jim Cuddy producing. I love what that band has done for Canadian music. I've known them for a long time and have played with them often. It felt very comfortable. It was probably the most enjoyable record I've made over the course of my career, due to that lack of pressure and deadline. Hope you enjoy it."

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