Northern Soul

One of the most popular and recognizable Canadian rock acts of all time, 54–40 are Canada's pre–eminent representatives of the first wave of post–punk modern rock — the band's creative pulse has always pumped hard, heartfelt and steady.

The band have sold in excess of 1 million albums over their career, including sales of 10,000+ units and generating two Top 20 Rock tracks from their last album release "Yes To Everything". With a string of gold and platinum albums and almost a dozen Top 10 radio singles including "One Gun", "She-La", "Ocean Pearl" and "I Go Blind" (covered by Hootie and the Blowfish), 54–40 are ready to return with their highly anticipated new album Northern Soul.

Produced by founding member Neil Osborne and guitarist Dave Genn (ex–Matthew Good Band), Northern Soul is everything that a great 54–40 album represents: great guitar riffs, crafty melodic hooks, big bass, memorable choruses and a driving beat that paves the wave for the band's explorations of atmospheric mid–tempos and gentle ballads that ebb and flow with grit, self–awareness and social consciousness.

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