The Inside Passage

The Inside Passage is Bentall's seventh studio album. He explains, "I knew the title of the record long before I wrote the song. I wanted to write a collection of songs that were loosely based on moving through life.

"I grew up on the prairies but we spent our summers out at the coast. We had a boat and we would take it on long trips from the San Juan Islands to Desolation Sound. I've always felt the pull of those two spaces the prairies where they rise to meet the Rockies, and the sea as it collides with the Coastal range."

"Hold My Heart" is the first single from the new album The Inside Passage. Barney is famous as the frontman of Barney Bentall & The Legendary Hearts. Between 1988 and 2000 the band released five albums which all reached gold or platinum status and also achieved several top 5 hits, including "Come Back To Me", "Crime Against Love" and "Something To Live For" among other great hits.

The Inside Passage was recorded early in 2008, produced by John Ellis (Ridley Bent, Be Good Tanyas, and Barney's son Dustin Bentall) at his Nashcroft Studios. The album features Daniel Lapp on fiddle, horns and piano, Rob Becker on bass and Geoff Hicks on drums.

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