620638060124wbk - Bruce Cockburn - Rumours of Glory (Box Set with Book)

Rumours of Glory Box Set (With Book)

Rumours of Glory Box Set (With Book)

Bruce Cockburn

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This bundle includes the Bruce Cockburn memoir, Rumours of Glory, a 500 page book detailing Bruce's life as well as the CD box set.

Highlights of this box set include

• Each box set is autographed and sequentially numbered

• 117 tracks including 16 rare and previously unreleased songs.

• Previously unreleased live DVD filmed over 3 shows in 2008

• 90+ page book featuring rare photos, extensive track information and liner notes by Nicholas Jennings

• 9 discs housed in a custom box




1. The Charity Of Night 2. If A Tree Falls 3. Man of A Thousand Faces 4. One Day I Walk 5. Let Us Go Laughing 6. Bird Without Wings (previously unreleased) 7. Thoughts On A Rainy Afternoon 8. Sunwheel Dance 9. Foxglove 10. Going To The Country 11. It's An Elephant World (previously unreleased) 12. You Don't Have To Play The Horses 13. Creation Dream 14. Shining Mountain 15. Hills Of Morning 16. Change Your Mind 17. He Came From The Mountain 18. Musical Friends


1. Fall 2. Blues Got The World 3. Mama Just Wants To Barrelhouse All Night Long 4. All The Diamonds In The World 5. Rouler Sa Bosse 6. Don't Have To Tell You Why 7. Red Brother Red Sister 8. Gavin's Woodpile 9. Stolen Land 10. Lord Of The Starfields 11. Silver Wheels 12. Little Sea Horse 13. Celestial Horses 14. Feast of Fools 15. Can I Go With You 16. Wondering Where The Lions Are


1. Incandescent Blue 2. How I Spent My Fall Vacation 3. What About The Bond 4. Fascist Architecture 5. Rumours Of Glory 6. You Pay Your Money And Take Your Chance 7. All's Quiet On The Inner City Front 8. Justice 9. Broken Wheel 10. The Trouble With Normal 11. Tropic Moon 12. If I Had A Rocket Launcher 13. Waiting For A Miracle 14. Dust & Diesel 15. Yangui Go Home 16. Nicaragua


1. Peggy's Kitchen Wall 2. Santiago Dawn 3. Maybe The Poet 4. Lover's In A Dangerous Time 5. To Raise The Morning Star 6. People See Through You 7. Planet Of The Clowns 8. Berlin Tonight 9. Where The Death Squad Lives 10. Anything Can Happen 11. Call It Democracy 12. Gospel Of Bondage 13. Shipwrecked At The Stable Door 14. Radium Rain 15. Understanding Nothing


1. Tibetan Side Of Town 2. Child Of The Wind 3. Great Big love 4. One Of The Best Ones 5. Soul of A Man 6. Cry Of A Tiny Babe 7. Kit Carson 8. Indian Wars 9. A Dream Like Mine 10. Someone I Used To Love 11. All The Ways I Want You 12. Live On My Mind 13. Bone In My Ear 14. Listen For The Laugh


1. The Mines Of Mozambique 2. The Coming Rains 3. Pacing The Cage 4. Night Train 5. the Whole Night Sky 6. Strange Waters 7. The Embers Of Eden 8. Get Up Jonah 9. When You Give It Away 10. Mango 11. Last Night Of The World 12. Use Me While You Can 13. Put It In Your Heart


1. All Our Dark Tomorrows 2. Trickle Down 3. Postcards From Cambodia 4. You've Never Seen Everything 5. My Beat 6. Tried And Tested 7. Tell The Universe 8. This Is Baghdad 9. Mystery 10. Beautiful Creatures 11. The Light Goes On Forever


1. Juan Carlos Theme 2. Waterwalker 3. My Hometown Avalon 4. Wise Users 5. Going Down The Road 6. The Whole Night Sky 7. Grinning Moon 8. Song For Touring Around The Stars 9. Come Down Healing 10. Mystery Walk (Instrumental) 11. The Trains Don't Come Here Anymore 12. Ribbon of Darkness 13. Turn Turn Turn 14. Honey Please Let The Deal Go Down

DVD Bruce Cockburn Live - The Slice O Life Tour Directed by Joel Goldberg Recorded May 15 - 17, 2008

1. Lovers In A Dangerous Time 2. Wait No More 3. How I Spent My Fall Vacation 4. Last Night of The World 5. If I had a rocket Launcher 6. Child Of the Wind 7. Night Train 8. Wondering where the lions are 9. If a tree falls 10. Mystery 11. King Kong 12. This Is Baghdad 13. Stolen Land 14. Pacing the Cage 15. Going To The Country 16. World of Wonders 17. Tibetan Side Of Town 18. The End Of All Rivers 19. Trouble With Normal 20. See You Tomorrow 21. Put it in your Heart 22. Tokyo

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