Domestic Eccentric

Multiple JUNO award winner Old Man Luedecke’s narrative–driven folk songs are playful, coy and soul –warming. Hot off the heals of his 2014 East Coast Music award–winning albumTender Is The Night —album of the Year and Folk Recording of the Year — comes the new album Domestic Eccentric.Luedecke’s poetically crafted lyrics and catchy melodies deal with timeless emotion and explore the poignant intersections bet ween hope and frustration, inspiration and disappointment, between what we might obtain and what we might lose. The album was recorded in a hand–built cabin in the snowy woods around Chester, NS and produced by Grammy award winner Tim O’Brien. Extensive tour dates to be announced, including the return to the Vancouver Folk Music Festival in July. It’s a great lineup and Luedecke wrote a song on Domestic Eccentric partly inspired by the VFMF.

Album Tracklisting

1. Yodelady

2. The girl in the Pearl Earring

3. The Briar and the Rose

4. Brightest on the Heart

5. The Early Days

6. Wait a While

7. Low on the Hog

8. Real Wet Wood

9. Old High Way of Love

10. Chester Boat Song

11. Now We got a Kitchen

12. Hate What I Say

13. Year of the Dragon

14. Happy Ever after

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