The Puck Drops Here

The next big thing from Winnipeg's Del Barber is a shot from the point in a 5-on-3 power play. That's right, Del Barber and his merry band of musicians The No Regretzkys are about to deliver a sonic cross-check of Canadian Hockey songs in his latest album 'The Puck Drops Here'.

Hockey fans everywhere are getting ready for the playoffs, and the new album THE PUCK DROPS HERE from Del Barber & The No Regretzkys is the perfect soundtrack for Game Night.

With a rockin’ Americana sound, the album features new versions of hockey fan favourites like “The Hockey Theme” — broadcast for decades at the start of televised games in Canada — with the best versions of Stompin’ Tom Connors’ “The Hockey Song” and “Flame Of Victory” (the Coach’s Corner theme!) ever recorded, arena anthems like “Hey Song aka Rock And Roll (Part 2)” by Gary Glitter and perennial hockey hits by Tom Cochrane, The Hanson Brothers and The Pursuit of Happiness.

Says Barber: “The record is an attempt to connect two of my great loves. It is a chance to take these loves a little less seriously, get together with friends and make music for fun. It was like shinny — like a scrimmage with pros.”