The Family

Musician, painter and poet Joseph Arthur acquired a Steinway Vertegrand piano from the early 1900’s, moved it into his Red Hook, Brooklyn studio and saved it from the storm (Sandy, propped on cinderblocks, while the neighborhood flooded). He learned some of its history: the piano had been a part of the same family for a century, somewhere in Connecticut. Written entirely on that piano, The Family (June 3 / True North Records) is mostly a work of fiction and a meditation on the idea of family.

“Nothing in this album comes from judgment,” explains Joseph. “These are stories being told from different voices and mysterious times, which hopefully resonate with all the families everywhere.” (Joseph’s full notes are below.)

Produced, recorded and performed by Joseph, The Family was mixed and sequenced by Tchad Blake, who has collaborated with Arthur on some of his mostly well-known work, including “Honey and the Moon” and “In the Sun” (covered by Michael Stipe and Peter Gabriel).

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