Love Versus

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Love Versus

Leeroy Stagger

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It’s been said before that love is a battlefield, and on his latest album Love Versus, Leeroy Stagger comes well armed. His ever-evolving fusion of roots, rock and pop reaches new heights on Love Versus, resulting in 10 tracks that confirm his status as one of Canada’s best contemporary singer/songwriters.

Leeroy Stagger’s ever-evolving fusion of roots, rock and pop has confirmed his status as one of Canada’s best contemporary singer/songwriters. Since first making his mark on the Canadian independent music scene at the turn of this century, Leeroy Stagger has toured the world, both on his own and with the likes of Steve Earle, Pixies, Modest Mouse and Evan Dando.

I would say that ‘Love Versus’ would be my closest to fully realized album to date. I feel like something has changed in my songwriting over the last couple of years and like a nice wine it seems to be getting better with age and time.""- Leeroy Stagger



1. I Want It All

2. Love Versus

3. Enemy Inside

4. Crooked Old World

5. Little Brother

6. Run Rabbit Run

7. Joe Strummer and Joey Ramone

8. Living In The Future

9. $1500 A Day (Song for Elliott)

10. Until The End Of Time

11. I Want It All (Rock Remix) *Digital only

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