Play One More - The Songs of Ian and Sylvia

Pre-orders will ship to arrive May 19th

The rich musical legacy of Ian and Sylvia continues to entertain millions of fans across the globe, and today singer songwriter, painter, and essayist Tom Russell announced a project honouring their music with new interpretations of classic songs with his May 19th release of “Play One More: The Songs Of Ian And Sylvia.”

"Rather than re-hash the "big" most-covered Ian and Sylvia songs (Four Strong Winds, Summer Wages, Someday Soon, You Were on My Mind etc.)
I wanted to mine the deep, neglected, album tracks that I've listened to for over forty years. Small master-works that I could never get out of my mind." - Russell

1. Wild Geese
2. Thrown to the Wolves
3. Rio Grande
4. The Night the Chinese Restaurant Burned Down
5. Play One More
6. Old Cheyenne
7. Short Grass
8. Sam Bonnifield's Saloon
9. These Friends of Mine
10. Red Velvet
11. The Renegade
12. When the Wolves No Longer Sing