Blue Highways

Blue Highways was co-produced by Colin and Dave Meszaros (Wake Owl, Old Man Canyon) and recorded at The Warehouse Studios in Vancouver.

Blue Highways pays tribute to some of the singer/ guitarist’s longtime blues idols including Howlin’ Wolf, Jimmy Reed, Freddie King, Jr. Wells & Buddy Guy, Peter Green, Robert Johnson and William Bell to name a few.

In the Spring of 2015 Colin wrapped up his Hearts on Fire tour.  After a couple of months of straight touring, Colin was loving playing with the band and really happy with the sound they had created on stage.  What better time to make a record?  Especially the record Colin had been itching to make for years - a collection of some of his favorite blues tracks.  In less than a week Colin and his touring band went into The Warehouse Studios in Vancouver and in just 2 days, Blue Highways was born.

Colin James has been named as an inductee into the 2016 Western Canadian Music Hall of Fame presented by FACTOR. In addition to this honour, Colin will be headlining the Western Canadian Music Awards Show at Casino Regina on October 13, kicking off BreakOut West's 14th year of celebrating western Canada's talent.



1. Boogie Funk (Written by Freddie King)

2. Watch Out (Written byPeter Green)

3. Big Road Blues (Written by Tommy Johnson)

4. Bad Bad Whiskey (Arr. Charles Brown)

5. Going Down (Arr. Freddie King)

6. Gypsy Woman (Written by Muddy Waters)

7. Goin’ Away (Arr. Jimmy Rogers)

8. Lonesome (Arr. Hollywood Fats)

9. Hoodoo Man Blues (Written by Jr. Wells and Buddy Guy)

10. Riding In The Moonlight / Mr. Luck (Riding In The Moonlight Written by Howlin’ Wolf/ Mr. Luck Written by Jimmy Reed, Arr. John Lee Hooker)

11. Don’t Miss You Water (Written by: William Bell)

12. Ain’t Long For Day (Written by: Blind Willie McTell)

13. Last Fair Deal (Written by: Robert Johnson)


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