773958125131 - No One Travels Alone - LP

No One Travels Alone

No One Travels Alone

Jon Brooks

BVL251 | Vinyl
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No One Travels Alone is as playful as it is ponderous of the animals, the gods, and the stars; it’s an album that asks, rather than answers. It asks us:

1. Is the internet a window unto others or a mirror into ourselves?

2. Is data solely binary? Is there not such a thing as emotional data? And if so, to what good end may we mine, collect, and teach emotional data?

3. To whom may we appeal for the reestablishment of the truth?

4. Is there a value in surprise? In wonder? In sadness? In unknowing?

5. Could it be that kindness and imperfect love are all life’s meaning?

6. What if life is not the end but merely the means by which the greater forces of beauty, love, and suffering flow?

7. As colliding atoms of stardust in the universe, is our point of view ecocentric or anthropocentric?

8. Is the linear ballad still relevant in the digital age of Wikipedia? Is the 21st century songwriter not free to collect and redistribute the aforementioned emotional data of the human beast?

9. When will the human beast learn: the answer is not, nor ever has been, ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ The answer has always been and always will be: ‘yes and no.’ When will we allow ourselves to hold more than one thought in our heads simultaneously? When will we concede our absolute faith in Reason alone has led us astray from ourselves. When will we reacquaint ourselves with ambiguity?

10. And do any of us travel alone? Is that even possible?